Go! A Journey of Surrender and Trust, by Doug Sprague

Early in 2015, Doug Sprague heard the call to "Go!", but he didn't know where, when or what. In this book, Go! A Journey of Surrender and Trust, Doug shares the story of how he discovered he was to serve at Bongolo Hospital in the central African nation of Gabon. Doug doesn't stop there, however, for he relates his life-altering experiences during his two-month stay at Bongolo. Now he is back in the States and his life has been changed forever as he looks for a way to return to Gabon in full-time service as soon as possible.

In a transparent and honest style, Doug shares his fears, doubts, and victories as he surrendered to God's purpose for his life. If you are seeking the will of God for your life, then Go! A Journey of Surrender and Trust will help you understand what God is asking you to do and will give you the courage to actually do it.

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Go! A Journey of Surrender and Trust
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All proceeds go to Agape Africa Fund (www.AgapeAfricaFund.org), a 501(c)(3) I started to support the work in and around Bongolo Hospital.

*Please consider buying directly from me. This is because Amazon only pays about 75 CENTS per book, more for Kindle. All $15 of the first 50 books sold (then about $9.00 each) by direct purchase goes to Bongolo. That said, any support is great and very needed.