Less Than A Month Until Trip #2

It's amazing that my second Gabon, Africa trip is just around the corner. I head back to Bongolo Hospital on February 26th and stay there until the end of March.  For me, it's all about reconnecting with friends I met the first trip last winter and making new ones. 

My mission is threefold: the first is to test out the hats I've been asked to wear as a future team member: pastoral coach, construction leader and US-focused advocate. The second part is to fill in for Paul Davis, Maintenance Director, while he and the entire team participate in a week long Prayer Retreat. The third purpose is to collect as many stories, videos, interviews and photos as I can to use back in the States to tell Bongolo's story to a wider audience.

Will you consider partnering with me financially as I prepare to go back? Please contact me for any details related to making a tax deductible gift.

Blessings to you and to your family :)