Bon Voyage!

In just a few minutes, my second flight (of 3) of the day will be called and I'll board for Paris, France! As I write this, it is 6:30'sh pm EST and I'm currently at JFK airport in the New York City area. I just having finished the last American salad - and perhaps any other type for that matter! - for the next 4 weeks and can't wait to be back in Africa!

The preparations, packing and last minute details fell beautifully into place, including all of my bags fitting into my friend, Michael's, sedan for the ride to the airport. My missionary ticket allowed for 3 free checked bags, but, being a chronic overachiever, I have brought 4. The team at Bongolo sent all kinds of requested items, and my mailman has been inundated with packages as if it were Christmas season instead of late February! I've brought over everything from medical supplies and maintenance parts, to kid's books and bike helmet, to little things we take for granted in the first world, like chocolate bars, Cadbury Cream Eggs, baking soda and Tylenol. In addition, I have my bag, a carry-on and back pack.

Please pray that the rest of my travel will be smooth and easy - ideally, that the next two flights (another 20 hours travel before the 9 hour drive to the hospital!) will be low on passengers! Maybe I'll even sleep a little... In addition, that I will be met at the Libreville airport by Bongolo's agent there. Finally, I pray that all of these bags arrive!